Melee combat has always been a major draw for Sword & Scoundrel. The dynamic dice pool and cinematic maneuvers combine with a heavy emphasis on player skill to create an experience that is engaging enough to be stand on its own. Our discord community has taken to doing just that.

It’s become a popular feature of our server to challenge one another to duels, often taking place over the #fecht-club channel we’ve set up for exactly that purpose. To that end, a series of house rules have even cropped up in order to better facilitate The Gentleman’s Duel.


As a thank you to our ever-growing community, I’ve set up a custom Duelist character sheet, that is now available under Downloads. This one-page sheet has been heavily customized to the dueling format. The stat blocks are stripped down to be just what you need and the house rules are listed right on the sheet. Moreover, I spent the weekend pretending I understood javascript, so it’s all form-fillable and auto-calculating. Even the character creation math is built into the scripting, making it that much easier to get in the ring.

Happy fighting,


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