Spearhead: Skirmish Warfare

28mm scale science-fiction wargame intended to be played with the miniatures you already have! It's written to be a fast-paced, objective-based dynamic skirmish wargame in which the decisions of the player are more important than the mechanical statistics of the units on the table.

It is a game of fast-paced action and dark humor where players create and follow their individual warbands on the path to wealth and glory, or damnation and defeat. Spearhead features a robust campaign mode in which the individual characters can gain experience and advance their abilities, or accumulate grievous wounds and traumatic turns from their mishaps.

Spearhead is both modular and setting neutral, with the core book providing all of the rules you need to get started and Setting Books expanding the rules and tailoring them to fit any game or setting in which you want to play.

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