Writing began anew, rewrites abound, and brace yourself: updates are coming. While an official change log will come out ahead of the release, I thought I'd tease a bit in the meantime.

This release will be a fairly meaty one:

  • While the migration to scrivener will mean a slightly less polished pdf, the transition will make my work-flow easier and make any future updates or corrections easier to manage.

  • This revision involves a lot of clarity edits in areas people have had questions on, and quite a few convenience changes that people have asked for (duplication of the resource chart comes to mind).

  • Armor locations have long been one of the more arduous parts of the system, and they will not only be getting some changes to streamline the process, but we'll be seeing a codex for them as well that allows for a lot more options to play with.

  • Combat is getting quite a bit of an overhaul, particularly if you haven't been following the fecht-club updates.

  • And at least one new chapter will be added to the existing text with new content. Several more are in the works, though they may or may not be in this coming update.

Thanks again for all of you following this project, especially those of you who are actively supporting us through donations or sharing this stuff online, on reddit, or hanging out on discord. Your help is huge.

Until next time,

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