Dearest Scoundrels,

I figure you guys are due for an update on things and I finally have some time to write one.

I've been out of contact for a while, for which I should probably apologize. It's no secret that Grand Heresy is a labor of love. As much as I would love to be able to treat it as a full-time job, my bread is buttered elsewhere. Earlier this year, I wound up picking up a seasonal gig. By season's end, it went from being a part-time job to something all-consuming. The last few weeks have been particularly demanding. Fortunately, the season has now come to an end and my schedule will be returning to normal.

All told, I think the time away has been really good for me. It's given me the chance to get excited about the project again and I'm looking forward to diving in with fresh eyes. The next few weeks are going to be fun. I intend to spend some time re-reading all of the existing material, then jumping into the deep end with some serious editing and rewriting. An updated version of the current rules will follow, containing the rewrites and clarifications as well as consolidating the dev-build combat rules back into the core book.

For those of you still hanging around, thanks for your support. Keep an eye on this space. You won't be disappointed.


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