Another Thursday, another release. Last week we got a ton of feedback on 90 pages of content and some very interesting discussions going on the forums. You guys have been phenomenally helpful. We tried to incorporate as much of that as time allowed, but we've still got a great deal of it ahead. That will be a project to carry us through the weekend. 

In addition to some editing for clarity, this week we introduce two chapters that you have been eagerly awaiting.
Chapter 09: Full Contest gets into the core rules we use for chases, debates, and other prolonged skill-based conflicts. 

Chapter 10: Melee Combat gets into the meat of our fighting system, which many of you have been speculating over for months now. 

We haven't had as much time to work on everything this week as we had hoped, so the examples are still missing in certain areas. If our schedules allow, we may toss in a mid-week update before next Thursday to get everything taken care of and our release schedule back on track.

You can pick up your copy here or on our downloads page. As always, we'll be opening discussion threads for feedback on our forums.

Thanks for sticking with us, folks. Enjoy.

- The GH Crew