Agamemnon here. I'd like to apologize for things losing some steam here. I haven't been updating and maintaining things like I should have, and it is unprofessional. 

I've been dealing with some difficult stuff lately. For the last six months or so, a family member has been in steady decline. In the last month or so, it became clear she would not be returning home. Things have been tough in general, financially and emotionally, and I haven't been able to devote the time I needed to our current projects.

Higgins has been  toiling away as best he could in my absence, which is more than commendable. I have a pile of things from him sitting on my desk that I need to go over, edit, and put together for human consumption. So if anything, send him some applause for being awesome. I'd also like to thank Barbarossa for keeping the lights on for us while I sort everything else out. 

That said we've got a lot of things coming up in the near-future. Band of Bastards is nearly complete for beta release. I'm just going to need to sit down and frantically edit everything. Likewise, we'll have another dev blog show up here before long. I just have to sit down with it. 

Thanks for bearing with us. We'll be back in action shortly. 


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