It's been a while, and I feel the need to apologize for the lack of word on our part. As you can tell, we've been undergoing a lot of restructuring up to and including the new website! We've been in a state of flux for a while now, but I'm pleased to announce that everything has finally started to settle down and we can go full steam ahead towards our project work. 

So what's changed?

The biggest difference is that the Song of Steel project has been redirected into a new project that we're pleased to announce:

Band of Bastards: A Game of Passion, Violence, and General Skulduggery. 

We'll be updating the main pages shortly to contain all of the relevant information, and leaving the Song of Steel site as a redirect back here, where more up-to-date information will be stored. 

We have much of the rewrite done, and some exciting new mechanics to introduce as well. For those of you who subscribe to our Newsletter, or took part in our forums at, much of this information has already been made available to you. For everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for future posts!