With November in full swing, we're trucking right along and things are looking good. November is National Game Development Month (NaGaDeMon, if you insist), and while we've put a good couple years of work in (and nearly a year reformatting in transforming into the current incarnation of Band of Bastards), we can still take some inspiration from their goal: write a game in the month of November. 

Editing is coming fast and furious, with some sections being restructured for clarity. The magic system is underway, and we've made some real strides in other areas of the game. Also of note, two of the Grand Heresy team have spread their wings and begun blogging as well. 

Agamemnon writes and maintains Sword and Scoundrel, wherein he keeps us updated on dev work he's doing, games he's playing, and game design philosophy. Higgins has recently begun authoring Pommel Strike, which will be his home for everything from game design commentary to his own personal adventures in arms and armor. 

As for us, our current write-up is nearly complete and most of the kinks have been ironed back out. We'll toss you more updates as we have them. 


As always, join in the discussion on the forums!