Grand Heresy Press is a game design company based out of Charleston, WV and was founded in 2011 as an umbrella for collaborative works between friends. In 2013, the decision was made to take their experiments in game design and polish, refine, and push them to completion for mass-market release. We specialize in table-top game design and are currently pursuing projects in both the role playing and war game genres. Our current project is pushing towards the Band of Bastards beta, which you can take part in by signing up for our News Letter or Forums

Our Team

Agamemnon (Jackson Malloy)
Creative Director, CEO, Primus Inter Pares

The man with a dream and a pot-a-day coffee habit,  Agamemnon is a freelance writer that has been long drawn to the story-telling aspects of role playing. Intimately familiar with the hobby, he has been running and modifying games for the last fifteen years.  

Game Designer, Mercenary, Rogue Agent
Hailing from the arctic wastes of Estonia, Higgins is a passionate writer and role-player that has an obsession with martial history. When he is not out clashing steel against the armor of his fellows, he is hard at work on the next project. 

System Admin, Design Consultant, Grand Strategist, Logistician

The mysterious masked man. Rumored to be on the run from the government, Barbarossa emerges only when the stars are right, building websites and advising design processes under cover of darkness.


Our Mission

We like games. Lots of games. Our interests are as specific as they are diverse and we want to serve them all, one by one.

The goal of Grand Heresy Press is not to create the next best general purpose game, but to create specific and thematic games tailored to a given genre or style of play. We want to provide value to our players and customers through innovative, fluid, and balanced mechanics that provide new and evocative experiences. Our design philosophy is big on flexibility and player-choice. We like clever ideas over big numbers any day.

These are not necessarily high-minded or lofty goals, but we take them seriously. We are proud of what we do and what we can offer. Give us a chance. You might find that a bit of heresy suits you.